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"The speed, power and agility clinic Coach Gendron did for our coaching staff was one of the best in-services we've ever had.  Our coaches immediately used the information with their players and it has clearly made an impact with our athletes."
Joseph M. Velardi  -  Athletic Director, Director of Health & Physical Education
Pomperaug High School, Southbury CT, Regional School District 15

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A call to action for Coaches, League Presidents and parents:

  • Are you concerned about injuries with your athletes?

  • Is the current strength and conditioning program giving you the results you're looking for?

  • Is there even a conditioning program in place?  If not, your program may be behind your competitors.

  • Do you feel your athletes still need to be even faster?

  • Do you notice your athletes still "run funny" with improper mechanics?

  • Do you have difficulty raising funds for your program?


Better Athletic Development has run Speed, Power, Agility, Quickness and Pre- Season Conditioning Camps for middle school, high school, organized youth football (Flag, AYF and Pop Warner), soccer, lacrosse, baseball, girls softball, basketball, tennis and hockey programs in the local area with overwhelming success.   We have worked with several college athletic programs and semi-professional teams including Sacred Heart University, Post University, 2 time superbowl champion CT Giants, CT Bearcats and the CT Ravens from minor league football.     

Better Athletic Development would love the opportunity to bring this experience to your middle school, high school and youth organized athletic programs in your area.   To assist in your fundraising efforts, Better Athletic Development has a program that will also donate a portion of the registration per player that participates in the camp back to the school, league or to your scholarship fund.   It's a win for everyone; Better Athletic Development lives it's mission to educate and assist athletes in maximizing their potential, the league maximizes their fund raising efforts with minimal hassle and most importantly you'll have faster, more athletic athletes that are better prepared for their sport.

Players attended our 2 or 3 day speed, agility, quickness camps and learned how to generate tremendous lower body power, use proper running technique, biomechanical correct body alignment for injury prevention while decelerating, improved core strength and overall athleticism in preparation for their sport.  Players participated in speed, plyometric, agility, quickness drills, sport specific dynamic warm ups, core development and flexibility exercises.   We added an educational component at the end of each day focusing on proper hydration (importance of water), flexibility (importance of stretching), nutrition (fueling for competition) and speed development.   Each camper received a T-shirt, water bottle, educational hand outs and a camp certificate of achievement as well as a discount to their local sporting goods stores.

 The parents were amazed at the results achieved in only 2-3 days and the coaches commented on the pre-game warm up exercises we showed the players that helped in preventing any injuries (sprained ankles, pulled hamstrings etc.) from occurring the entire year at practices or games.    Parents mentioned that some of the players had so much fun and were so motivated following the camp that they drew lines and triangles in chalk on their driveways and practiced the agility and speed drills they experienced at the camps.

We also run Coaches Workshops  discussing the latest protocols for pre game/pre practice warm ups, proper stretching, the signs, symptoms and treatment of heat illness and can assist with the development/review of the league's/ team's pre season conditioning to help players prepare for the up-coming season. 


 Hear what some of our clients are saying:
"Coach Gendron is a true professional in the field of strength and conditioning.  I know how to coach baseball and motivate kids, but whatever I thought I knew about building an athlete was nothing compared to what I learned from Kevin."                                                                                     Wayne Mazzoni, Assistant Baseball Coach, Sacred Heart University

"BAD has provided us with a physical advantage on the field. We are in better cardiovascular condition than our opponents and it shows in the second half of each game. We have also suffered fewer injuries than ever before.    I feel that the Strength and Conditioning program we utilized has separated us from any other team in the nation. "                                                                         Bernie Armstrong, General Manager, Asst. Head Coach CT Giants

“I am very impressed with your knowledge and expertise in the field of speed, strength, conditioning and hydration.   You offer an extraordinary advantage to any player being evaluated and trained by you and we saw the difference in just 3 days!   Our hats are off to you for enabling our head coaching staffs to remain on the cutting edge of our sport with your coaches’ workshops.   With respect and admiration…”
Grace Searles –  Pop Warner President, Shelton CT

“Training with Kevin Gendron has helped our team get significantly stronger, faster and quicker.  If you are a serious athlete, BAD has the right formula for your fitness needs.”                                                                                                                                                                                  Nick Giaquinto, Sacred Heart University, Head Baseball Coach


If you’d like more information on our program, pricing and available dates, please don’t hesitate to contact Coach Kevin Gendron MS, CSCS at 203-924-2230 or email him at


Here's more:

"The presentation Coach Gendron made to my team was one that has been talked about since the day he was here.  The demonstration portion was amazing.  The kids truly learned how to take the strength they built in the off-season and put it to use in ways that directly relate to the game of baseball.  If you don't have access to such a coach, you need to get it.  It is crucial to the development of the athlete and the performance of your team."
Wayne Mazzoni, Assistant Baseball Coach, Sacred Heart University

"Dear Kevin,  I would have preferred to express my appreciation in person but before I knew it, Greg’s program was over.  In November Greg weighed in at 180lbs, 15 weeks later at the end of his program he weighs 205lbs; 25lbs of new muscle.  These results have exceeded our expectations.  Greg will start his SHS lacrosse career strong and confident.   You and your coaches are very good at what you do and my son is a fine example of what can be accomplished when you do things the BAD way.   Thank you for your dedication."   David Bukoski, father

"Coach Gendron, Thanks for all the help you gave me, I really appreciate it.  I P.R.'ed by .7 seconds in the 100 meters taking the silver medal and by 2.1 seconds in the 400.    Obviously your methods worked, so you'll be seeing me next summer for the Nutmeg Games and for the regular track season."  Chris Diehl, Sophomore, Masuk High School



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